Laurel Smith
Laurel Smith has been providing legal services in downtown Rochester, Washington since 1978.

We serve Thurston, Lewis and Grays Harbor counties and practice regularly in their courts. We also handle claims with the Department of Labor and Industries and litigate at the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals.

After 33 years in the same location in downtown Rochester, we moved across the street in 2011 to our current office.

Using Your Lawyer

How to get the best results from working with your lawyer:

  • Determine your goal in seeking legal assistance.
  • Bring any paperwork that relates to your issue.
  • Ask about fees and costs.
  • Be frank and honest about your facts and your expectations.
  • Be willing to give your lawyer’s staff information if your lawyer is not available.
  • Be prompt in completing any tasks your lawyer gives you.
  • Be understanding if your lawyer is in court on another matter; talk to the staff.
  • If something sounds weird, ask.
  • If you don’t understand, ask.
  • Lawyers can’t make decisions for you; their job is to advise you about what paths are available, and the pros and cons of taking those paths.


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